Desk Yoga Sampler Course



Having a stressful day?  You are in the right place!  This collection of 5 videos (plus a welcome video) has been designed to support the wellbeing of the Communify Discovery and Recovery Centre team.  Taking just 15 minutes during the day to care for yourself with Desk Yoga and Meditation will reduce tension and stress and calm your mind helping you feel refreshed and revitalised so you have more to share with your clients and family. All Chair Yogis at Work videos and classes can be done without changing clothes or getting down on the ground. And all you need is a chair for support and balance.  These sessions are all-seated, though if you have space you can also do many of the poses standing which is particularly helpful for tension in the hips and lower part of the body.  The five videos include Neck & Shoulders, Wrists & Hands, Hips & Lower Back, Legs & Feet and a Guided Meditation to soothe and refresh the mind.  Enjoy!