Desk Yoga Wellness Breaks at Work

Take a revitalizing break without leaving your workspace. Our programs and workshops provide a convenient and effective way for to support employees’, educators’ and students’ mental and physical health right at their desks.

Live or recorded Desk Yoga classes can be done individually or as a team, fostering a relaxed, social environment. These group sessions are excellent opportunities to reduce stress, relax tense muscles, and promote camaraderie, resulting in calmer, more productive individuals who work better together.

Our 6-Minute Wellness Programs are designed to teach and support simple ways to integrate healthy habits into the day, preventing stress buildup and providing moments for the mind and body to relax and revitalize which has been proven to improve focus and performance.  This is key for productive employees and engaged students.  

Programs can be accessed online from a desk, classroom, conference or lunch room. There’s no need to roll out a mat, break a sweat, or change into workout gear. Plus, by live-streaming classes, participants can join from anywhere.

Stay tuned for the launch of our NEW 6-Minute Wellness Video Library! Featuring short videos designed to seamlessly integrate into your day, they address common mind and body concerns in minutes, allowing participants to reset and refresh and quickly return to the task at hand with renewed focus and vigour. 

On-demand Video Library Launching Soon!

6-Minute Wellness Breaks

Experience the power of our 6-Minute Wellness Breaks – the perfect solution to rejuvenate your mind and body, boost focus, and enhance productivity, all in the midst of your busy day!

Our evidence-based sessions use yoga-based movement, breath work, mindfulness, and exercise to provide quick and effective relief from the tension, discomfort and stress that often results from prolonged sitting.  Sessions can be done right at your desk without changing clothes, using special equipment, or possessing prior experience.

We currently offer these short online session online and will be launching our online video library soon.  Call us to learn more and be the first to try the innovative on-demand videos that can easily integrate into even the busiest person’s schedule helping you to reduce stress and tension when and where you need it.  

Total Time:  Workshops 45 – 75 Minutes;  On-demand videos 1-6-minutes

Desk Yoga Health Break

Classes utilize chairs, desks or tables as props to practice office-friendly yoga poses that can be done in-person or online.  They address common discomforts such as ‘tech neck’, low back pain, wrist strain and chronic stress. Expect some relaxing breathwork and gentle poses that provide surprisingly great results. 

This practice can also be very useful during conferences or long meetings.  Starting a meeting with yoga/meditation or using it as an afternoon pick-me up is a great way to increase energy levels, help people to be more focused and access different parts of the brain, making your meeting more productive.  Classes can be shorter or longer to suit the time available and goals.  

Total time: 15 – 30 minutes

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Mindful Breathing Breaks

Support busy office workers, teachers and students with a structured mental break to help them reduce stress and come back to work feeling refreshed, relaxed, able to think more clearly and be a better team player.  No need to spend any time preparing or researching materials.  

Classes begin with light stretching, followed by mindful breathing and visualisation or guided meditation, helping you and your team or students to re-calibrate and think more clearly, resulting in an improved mood, enhanced problem-solving ability, better relationships, increased efficiency and productivity. No experience is required.

Total Time: 15 – 35 minutes

Healthy Habits Webinars/ Workshops

We deliver accessible well-being education to employees wherever they are. Participants learn simple but effective yoga-based movement and meditation life skills and strategies to reduce stress and develop healthy habits to improve their physical and mental health, resulting in happier employees, teachers and students and an improved environment. Content can be customized to support a specific  initiative, or chosen from our list of topics below.

Workshop Overview

  • Life skills and strategies to give you time and improve your health
  • Introduce gentle moving, breathing, and meditation activities
  • Includes discussion and informative handouts.
  • Desk Yoga to De-Stress & Improve Function
  • Simple Selfcare for Better Health
  • Stress Buster Breathing Techniques
  • Defeat Low Back Pain - Spinal Health for Sitters
  • Beat Digital Burnout
  • Mindfulness 101
  • Meditation for Beginners
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Sleep Better
  • Mindful Eating