Custom Services

Our Custom Chair Yoga Services include Private Yoga classes, Yoga for Health Problems/ Injuries and Yoga for Mature Athletes.  These specialised  services are for students that prefer or may require a more individualised approach to achieve their goals. 

Health Problem/Injury

Chair Yoga for Health Problems uses gentle exercise, breath work and meditation to assist in the recovery and management of health problems from injuries (eg. yoga for knee pain, joint replacement or other surgery), health conditions (eg. yoga for autoimmune conditions or arthritis), a major event (eg. yoga for cancer survivors) or addiction (eg. yoga for rehab).  We can work with you to adapt movement that suits you and develop a personalised program to address your body and your specific requirements.

Instructor assisting rehab student with broken arm
Instructor helping student use a strap

Private/ Semi-Private Yoga

Private yoga classes (1-2 people) are offered for those uncomfortable in classes or are discerning students who prefer individualised attention. We develop a yoga practice that focuses on areas critical for you to feel better and improve your health and wellness.  Classes can be done in-person or online.  

Semi-private yoga classes (3-6 people) are perfect for a group of friends, family or those with common interests or challenges that would prefer a more intimate environment at the location of your choice.  Classes are tailored to help your group achieve their goals.  Classes may or may not use a chair.


Yoga to improve performance

Mature Athletes/ Teams

Yoga for Mature Athletes/Sports teams: Classes are designed for individuals, teams or groups to increase flexibility, improve performance and reduce injuries by specifically identifying and supporting muscles/areas which may be particularly tight or prone to injury due to repetitive sport-specific movement, eg tennis, golf or rowing.  This class may or may not use a chair.