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At Chair Yogis, we believe the benefits of yoga should be accessible to all. Our chair yoga classes cater to seniors and individuals of all ages and fitness levels, utilizing chairs for support. Additionally, we offer the 6-Minute Wellness program, providing quick, office-friendly movement and breathing breaks for busy employees, professionals, educators, and students that can be done at the desk. These short sessions can be seamlessly integrated between meetings, projects, or classes to reduce pain and stress and enhance focus. They promote mental and physical well-being, ultimately leading to improved performance. 

Our Story

Introducing Dara, the founder of Chair Yogis, a transformative approach to yoga and wellness. Starting her career in the fast-paced advertising world on Madison Avenue in New York City, Dara was intimately familiar with the stresses of corporate life. She also discovered yoga’s profound impact on managing stress and finding balance in her own life.

Driven by her passion, Dara became a certified yoga instructor and breath coach, transitioning into a fulfilling second career centred around health and wellness. Inspired by a conversation with a friend who felt she couldn’t participate in yoga because she couldn’t get up and down from the floor, Dara’s purpose crystallized—to make yoga accessible for everyone. 

Dara began teaching Chair Yoga to seniors and those with injuries. Using her experience in the corporate world she developed Chair Yogis at Work, especially for businesses whose employees had busy and stressful sedentary jobs. These office-friendly, classes were designed to overcome common barriers, offering concise, targeted sessions that bring yoga’s benefits directly to the desk or workstation.

Dara’s ultimate goal is to empower non-traditional yogis, fostering physical well-being, mental clarity, and inner harmony. Join us on this transformative journey with Chair Yogis and experience the power of yoga for yourself.

Feel better, Function better, Live better.

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What is Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga uses a chair as a prop for support and balance, making it perfect for seniors and people with injuries and health conditions who want to improve their fitness and balance but can’t get up and down from the ground.

We include seated and standing options (where appropriate) to let participants choose their level of challenge. Classes also include breathwork and guided meditation to relax the nervous system and calm the mind.

Desk Yoga and our innovative 6-Minute Wellness program support businesses, their employees, educators, and students. Through interactive workshops, short videos, and live-stream classes, we target the common pain and stress of prolonged sitting while simultaneously revitalizing the mind. These practices not only alleviate discomfort but also enhance focus and performance. With sessions ranging from 2 to 15 minutes, they can be seamlessly integrated into your desk or classroom routine—perfect for squeezing in between meetings or classes for immediate benefits.

Our sessions feature movement and breathwork tailored to address common complaints among sedentary workers (e.g., tech neck, low back pain, wrist strain, stress) while aiding educators in calming, centring, and refreshing students to enhance receptivity to instruction. Additionally, sessions can be customized to suit each situation, ensuring maximum effectiveness.


We’re on the TOP 10 list of Brisbane’s Best Yoga Classes.

We are excited that Chair Yoga is becoming a recognised style of yoga and that Chair Yogis made the top 10 list for Best Yoga Classes.   Click the link below to see it for yourself!

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Explore our Classes and Services

We offer a range of yoga and meditation classes, videos, presentations and workshops to improve

functional fitness, health, happiness, and well-being now and for years to come. 


Classes and Services

online yoga classes brisbane australia


Improve balance, strength, mobility and peace of mind in a supportive, friendly environment. All ages and abilities welcome (e.g. seniors, rehab, hip and knee replacements)

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


The convenience and privacy of Chair Yogis classes at home along with the comradery of a group class. No commuting. Ideal for those with compromised immune systems.

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


Whether you study, work from home, an office or a clinic, online Desk Yoga reduces stress and muscle tension and calms the mind so you feel refreshed and function more effectively

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


Chair Yogis classes offered on-site or online tailored to residents’ needs and capabilities. Choose from Chair Yoga or Breathe + Meditate classes.

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


Chair Yogis Classes offered on-site or online for a group or one-on-one.  Choose from Chair Yoga or Breathe + Meditate classes.


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Private student receives individual instruction tailored to their bodies


 1-6 person classes online or in-person for a more personalised experience; for those who feel they would benefit from individual guidance focussed on your goals;  may or may not use a chair.

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


Classes for individuals or groups to support recovery from an injury, health condition (eg. autoimmune), or major event such as breast cancer, joint replacement or other surgery; chairs optional.

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chair yoga classes chair yogis


Classes for individuals, teams or groups targeting muscles/areas to strengthen, increase flexibility or relax to support of a specific sport, eg tennis, golf or rowing; chair optional.

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Benefits of Chair Yoga

Chair and desk yoga bring the healing benefits of yoga to people of all ages and abilities as well as to
those with a sedentary job or those required to work with poor posture for extended periods. 

Physical benefits

  • Enhanced mobility, reduced stiffness 
  • Chronic pain reduction
  • Improved balance – physically and mentally
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved energy and decreased fatigue
  • Improved posture
  • Better sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improved health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer
chair yoga classes chair yogis

Mental Benefits

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • Improved mental clarity, memory and focus
  • Increased calm
  • Greater body awareness
  • Improved cognitive function and ability to problem solve
  • Helps fight depression


Student Reviews
  • I thought I had to give up doing yoga as I was suffering severe joint pain due to my arthritis, but Dara has help me to develop a practice to suit my body.  Since taking class… I feel so much better in my body and mind… My posture has improved… I’ve had a significant reduction in severe joint and muscle pain… and I handle emotional stress more positively.

    Kerrie H
    Chair Yogis
  • Dara’s Chair Yoga is the best thing ever for people without a lot of flexibility… it’s not strenuous but gets my body moving and stretching and there’re always alternatives poses if you can’t manage due to bad knees or osteoporosis etc.

    Kay F
    Chair Yogis
  • …Chair Yogis classes have been really helpful, both physically and psychologically. I recommend the classes to anyone seeking a form of yoga which, while challenging, is gentle and achievable for all levels of fitness and ability.

    Helen G
    Chair Yogis
  • I have MS and Dara’s Chair Yogis classes have really helped me increase core strength, flexibility, and balance… I love attending class from my home…it’s less intimidating than a studio, convenient, saves time and is safe for people with compromised immune systems.

    Anne M
    Chair Yogis
  • I have enjoyed the clarity of thoughts from the mindfulness sessions.

    Tami H.
    Chair Yogis at Work
  • I really loved the sessions… easy to do in normal clothes… Afterwards…I had better flexibility and movement.  Hard recommend

    Anna K.
    Chair Yogis at Work
  • Very effective yoga classes. I feel energized and relaxed after every session.

    Victoria Y
    Chair Yogis at Work
  • Dara’s … workout is a great way to set a few minutes aside in your diary to stretch your neck, shoulders and back….ready for your next Zoom meeting in no time! Highly recommended. 

    Desire G
    Chair Yogis at Work

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