Sit for Hours behind a Desk?

Sitting for hours makes you stiff and uncomfortable no matter how fit you are. Desk Yoga is designed to support the mind and body health and wellbeing of busy people without leaving your desk.  Live 15-minute Desk Yoga classes and additional short on-demand videos are done on and around a chair and desk.  There’s no need to change clothes or get down on the floor, making them a convenient and easy way to squeeze a health break into your day helping you to: 

  • De-stress and avoid burnout Improve focus and productivity
  • Relieve muscle tension reducing aches and pains
  • Calm the mind and reduce anxiety
  • Improve posture and support long term health
  • Support your immune system
  • Energise your system

Have energy left to live your life after work?

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Desk Yogis

Desk Yoga classes and on-demand videos are an easy and efficient health break that can make a huge difference in how you feel, your productivity at work and your long-term health.

  • 2 Live 15-minute Desk yoga classes per week on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm Brisbane, or 2:30pm Sydney/Melbourne 
  • Unlimited access to recordings

You are busy, but it’s hard to work at your best if you are stiff and tired from sitting (or standing) and staring at a computer most of the day.  Whether you work in your home office or at a company office, we make it easy to take short health breaks during your day to keep you fresh and focused and functioning at peak effectiveness.  


What people say about us
  • “I really loved the sessions… easy to do in normal clothes… Afterwards…I had better flexibility and movement.  Hard recommend.”

    Anna K.
  • “Very effective yoga classes. I feel energized and relaxed after every session.”

    Victoria Y
  • “Dara’s … workout is a great way to set a few minutes aside in your diary to stretch your neck, shoulders and back….ready for your next Zoom meeting in no time! Highly recommended.”

    Desire G
All plans come with a free 14-day trial period. Choose from a monthly or annual plan. Corporate memberships also available.

Desk Yoga Subscription pricing


(billed every 4 weeks) Only $7.50 per class!

During your free 14-day trial, you’ll have
access to classes and the videos.    After the trial your
account will be direct debited $60 every 4 weeks. 
Cancel anytime.


6-month Pass

(billed ever 6-months)

During your free 14-day trial, you’ll have
full membership access.  After the trial your
account will be direct debited $320 every 6 months. 
Cancel anytime.


Corporate Memberships

(fully funded or subsidised)

*Photo of valid Pensioners Card or Seniors Card must be forwarded to Chair Yogis prior to class links being sent. Accepted cards include Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Health Care Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold, White or Orange card. We will also consider other cards. 

Do you offer group/ corporate rates?
Do I need any prior yoga experience?
I’m not flexible. Can I still take desk yoga?
What type of chair do I need?
Do I need any special clothes or shoes?
What if I’m busy during the live classes?
Can I use any device to take class or watch classes from the video library?
What is included in a subscription?

Yes.  We offer a reduced rate to groups and companies.  Contact for details

No experience in necessary.  All levels are welcome.

Yes, desk yoga is designed for people of all ages and flexibility levels.  And since you are not in a classroom together, no one else will notice how flexible you are.  You can work at your own level.  

Any sturdy chair works. We find office chairs, dining room table chairs and folding chairs all work fine.  If you chair is on rollers, we suggest you use your desk or table for stability during standing poses. 

No special clothes or equipment is required.  

Members receive unlimited access to all class recordings

Yes, you can use any internet connected device (phone, tablet or computer). 

  • 2 Live 15-minute Desk yoga classes per week on Tuesday at 12 noon and Thursday at 1:30pm AEST (Brisbane time)  
  • Unlimited access to recordings