Live, online chair yoga and meditation classes and mindful mini-breaks are an accessible, efficient and effective program to integrate mind and body health breaks for you and your teams wherever they are.

Our program will help to relieve tension and stress, calm the nervous system and revitalise the mind and body making people feel better, more positive and more productive- all of which is good for your bottom line.

No need to worry about coronavirus, social distancing, commute time, special clothes, getting up and down from the floor or getting hot and sweaty. Live, online classes are done right at the desk and are a great way for your teams to connect in a relaxed, social environment even if they aren’t in the same location.

Our bespoke Chair+Desk Yoga and Breath+Meditation classes have been adapted from ancient yoga to be relevant for today’s busy executives. Sessions are from 20 to 60 minutes and suit any age or fitness level. We also offer recorded mindful mini-breaks that are 5 minutes or less and can be used anytime.


    Accessible yoga for mind and body wellness